ADA Compliance Statement


Jellystone Park Fort Atkinson wants everyone to visit our website to feel welcome and have a rewarding experience. We are working hard to make all areas of our site consistent with the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA.

What Are We Doing to Make Our Website Accessible for People With Disabilities?

To start, we’ve installed an accessibility menu, which gives our users a variety of options that makes the site more accessible, including keyboard navigation, increasing the font size, stopping animations, altering color contrast, and more. We are conducting a review of our site to identify non-compliant elements, and make the necessarily corrections:

  • Identify the Site’s Language in Header Code (Example English)
  • Label All Images on the Website with Descriptions of the Image (Alt-Tags)
  • Fix Redundant Links so Website Is Easier to Use
  • Fix Buttons Text & Other Anchor Texts so Website Is Easier to Use
  • Check and Add Labels to All Form Fields on Contact Forms (and/or Reservations forms where possible)
  • Provide Form Validation by Displaying an On-Page Message Describing Any Errors Filling Out the Form
  • Add ADA Accessibility Document That Provides the Status and Timeframe For ADA work on Your Website
  • Fix Empty Links so Website is Easier to Use
  • Fix Headings & Logical Order so Website is Easier to Use
  • Fix Contrast Ratio so Website Is Easier to Use for People with Visual Impairments

Jellystone Park Fort Atkinson is committed to maintaining ADA compliance and providing our visitors with disabilities a better web experience. If you experience any difficulty in accessing this website, or need assistance in using the processes found within this site, please contact us at 1-920-568-4100 or by email at

This accessibility statement only applies to You may find outbound links to other sites and accessibility on those sites is the responsibility of the site owners and are not managed or controlled by Jellystone Park Fort Atkinson

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