Daily Activities

Monday – Friday

(June through August)
9:00 am Cartoons and Free Arts and Crafts
9:45 am Spin Art/Sand Art*
10:00 am Hey! Hey! Ride
11:00 am Ceramics/T-Shirt Colortime*
11:45 am Family Game
12:30 pm Jewelry making/Decoupage*
1:30 pm Family Sports game
2:30 pm Pool Games
3:30 pm Lessons: Volleyball/Disc golf
4:00 pm Souvenir Mugs* or Exercise time

Thursday Evenings

5:00 pm Game
7:00 pm Movie
9:00 pm Flashlight Games

Friday Evenings

6:00 pm Candy Bar Bingo*
7:00 pm Bear Welcoming
7:30 pm Candy Bar Horse Races*
8:30 pm Cartoons & movie
8:45 pm Adult Bingo* (Memorial Day-Labor Day)


9:00 am Cartoons and Free Arts and Crafts
10:00 am Hey! Hey! Ride
11:00 am Youth Bag Toss
11:30 am Ceramics*
1:00 pm Adult Bag Toss*
1:30 pm TyeDye/Colortime*
3:00 pm Adult Bingo*
4:30 pm Golf Cart Poker Run*
6:00 pm Hey! Hey! Ride
8:00 pm Entertainment-DJ
(Memorial Day- Labor Day) and/or Movie


9:00am Cartoons and Free Arts and Crafts
9:45am Spin Art/Sand Art*
10:00am Hey! Hey! Ride
10:30am Decoupage/Jewelry Making*
11:00am Candy Bar Bingo

These are just some of our weekday and weekend activities. Make sure to pick up a copy of the activity schedule in the lodge for exact times and other fun events that have been added.

Daily Activities

Live entertainment or family movies & tournaments (horseshoes, darts, mini-golf, etc.) with youth & adult divisions happen most weekends. Limited facility & activities are available during “school open” periods.

* Activities that require a small fee